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Engagement photography is one of the most misunderstood parts of wedding photography.  A lot of people ask me why having an engagement photography session is important.  It seems nobody is buying the thing they say on all the wedding blogs about practicing for wedding day.  The truth is, it is very helpful to have a trial run of your wedding photographer, in much the same way that it really helps to try on whatever you plan to wear to your wedding before the morning of the wedding.  But that’s not the reason I think engagement photography is important.  I think you should make engagement photos because you’re going to want remember what you’re like right now.  You’re going to want to remember that twinkle in his eye.  You’re going to want to remember the softness in her smile when she looks at you.  In fact, I wrote about it on my blog.  You should go read my article about why you should have engagement photography. It won’t hurt, and it’s a good way for you to see how smart I am too.  (Remember, on my website, every photo is a link to it’s original blog post.  So if you see an image you like, click on it to see more.

Stone Mountain Engagement Photos | Jennifer and Tiffany

Today I’d like to introduce you to Jennifer and Tiffany, who are getting married next spring. BecauseView full post »

Seattle Lifestyle Engagement Photos | Amy and Katie

Today I’d like to introduce you to Amy and Katie. They’re getting married later this year, so I flew outView full post »

Atlanta Lifestyle Engagement Photos | Drew and Mark

Today I want to introduce you to Drew and Mark. They’re getting married this fall, and I’m so excitedView full post »

Callaway Gardens Engagement Photos | Kari and Christian

Today I want to share these two beautiful love birds with you. This is Kari and Christian, and we met up a coupleView full post »

East River Engagement Photos | Whitney and Ross

Today I want you to meet Whitney and Ross. They’re getting married next fall, so I flew up to visit them andView full post »

Cape Cod Engagement Photos | Michelle and Mike

Today I want to introduce you to Michelle and Mike. They’re getting married next fall, so I recently flew up andView full post »

At Home Engagement Photos | Decatur, Georgia | Annalise and Bill

Today I want to introduce you to Annalise and Bill. And also Frank and June. And since it’s the day beforeView full post »

Madison, Wisconsin Engagement Photos | Becca and Katie

Today I’d like to introduce you to Becca and Katie, who will be getting married next spring. They live inView full post »

Norwich Vermont Engagement Photos | Kristin and Roger

Today I want to introduce you to Kristin and Roger, who are getting married in about 49 days or so. They live in theView full post »

Cleveland Engagement Photos | Jane and JJ

Today I’d like to introduce you to the amazing duo of Jane and JJ. I flew up to hang out with them on aView full post »

Lake Mead Engagement Photos | Emma and Paul

Today I’d like to introduce you to Emma and Paul and Ranger (he’s the furry blurry one). Emma and PaulView full post »

Piedmont Park Engagement Photos | Rebecca and Frances

Today I’d like to introduce you to Rebecca and Frances, who will be getting married in a few short months.  WeView full post »

Cobb County Engagement Photos | Shakyla and Jasmyn

Today it’s all about Shakyla and Jasmyn, who are probably the most fun couple to hang out with ever. These twoView full post »

Best Wedding Photos of 2016 | Artist’s Choice

“If my life wasn’t funny, it would just be true, and that is unacceptable.” – Carrie Fisher,View full post »

Houston Engagement Photos | Claire and David

Today I want to introduce you to Claire and David. They’re getting married in a few weeks in Houston, Texas, soView full post »


Piedmont Park Engagement Photos | Leah and Darius

Today I’d like to introduce you to Leah and Darius. They’re engaged to be married and their wedding willView full post »

Atlanta Centennial Park Engagement Photos | Sabrina and Thomas

Today I want to introduce you to Sabrina and Thomas, who are seriously the coolest people you can possibly spend anView full post »

NYC Engagement Photos | Rebecca and Artem

Today I’d like to invite you along with me to spend the perfect Sunday afternoon with Rebecca and Artem as weView full post »

Los Angeles Engagement Photos | Amanda and Stefanie

Today I’d like to introduce you to Amanda and Stefanie. They’re getting married next spring in goldenView full post »

Fredericksburg Virginia Engagement Photos | Heavenly and Breon

Today I want to introduce you to someone who is very special to me. The gorgeous grown and sexy woman (hahaha, youView full post »

Alexandria Virginia Engagement Photos | Amanda and Lauren

Today I am super excited to introduce you to Amanda and Lauren. They are engaged to be married this fall. It wasView full post »

Atlanta Botanical Garden Engagement Photos | Jasmyn and Shakyla

Today I’d like to introduce you to Shakyla and Jasmyn, the funniest women alive. I know that’s a fairlyView full post »

Atlanta Engagement Photos | Kristina and Carlos

Today is all about Kristina and Carlos, two of the funniest and craziest people you’ll ever meet. They alsoView full post »

Little Five Points Atlanta Engagement Photos | Liz and Nick

Today I’d like to introduce you to Liz and Nick, who are engaged to be married. One chilly morning a couple ofView full post »

Altamaha River Engagement Photos | Taylor and James

Today I’d like to introduce you to Taylor and James. These two are pretty special. If you’ve been stalkingView full post »

Asheville North Carolina Engagement Photos | Margie and Kyle

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and doView full post »

Piedmont Park Engagement Photos | Atlanta Wedding Photography | Amanda Summerlin Photography-13

Piedmont Park Engagement Photos | Corene and Joe

Today I’d like to introduce you to Corene and Joe. They’re getting married in a few months, so theyView full post »

Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve Same Sex Engagement Photos | Andrea and Tara

Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve Engagement Photos | Andrea and Tara

Today I’d like to introduce you to my new friends Tara and Andrea. They’re getting married next year inView full post »

Sweetwater Creek SP Engagement Photos | Holly and Chris

Today I’d like to introduce you to Holly and Chris. They are hilarious. Seriously hilarious. So. Darn.View full post »

Setauket NY Engagement Photos | Colleen and Greg

Today’s blog post is an ode to why I love my job. It’s also about Colleen and Greg. They’re gettingView full post »

Piedmont Park Engagement Photos | Zakiya and Richard

This afternoon I’d like to introduce you to Zakiya and Richard, who will be getting married in just a few shortView full post »

Piedmont Park Engagement Photos | Nnenna and Ola

Today I have the distinct pleasure of introducing you to the amazing Nnenna and Ola. They are a modern dayView full post »

Engagement Photos By The River | Amanda and Josh

Today I’d like to introduce you to Amanda and Josh. They’re getting married later this spring in anView full post »

Castleberry Hill Engagement Photos | Laura and Jeremy

Hello Internet! Today I want to introduce you to Laura and Jeremy. They will be getting married in midtown AtlantaView full post »

Salt Lake City Engagement Photos | Becky and Rick

Today, at long last, after like at least 9 days of waiting, all you Becky and Rick fans finally get to see their epicView full post »

Midtown Atlanta Engagement Photos | Amisha and Sunny

Today I’d like to introduce you to Amisha and Sunny. They’re getting married in a few months, and sinceView full post »

Northern Alabama Farm Engagement Photos | Mary and Jared

Today I want to introduce you to Mary and Jared. They’re getting married in a few short months, so they wantedView full post »

North Charleston Engagement Photos | Katie and Dan

Today I want to talk about Katie and Dan and their North Charleston engagement photo session. It’s beenView full post »

Surprise Engagement In Piedmont Park | Julie and Chris

A couple of weeks ago, I got one of my favorite kinds of emails from Chris. He was planning to propose to hisView full post »

Decatur Square Engagement Photos | Taylor and Lizzy

Today I’d like to introduce you to the amazing duo of Taylor and Lizzy. They are getting married in just a fewView full post »

Callaway Gardens Engagement Photos | Katie and Matt

Today I want to introduce you to Katie and Matt.  Just a few days ago, we met up at beautiful historic CallawayView full post »

Columbia Engagement | Stacey and Shawn

Today I’d like to introduce you to Stacey and Shawn from Columbia, South Carolina.  We met up at the State HouseView full post »

Surprise Wedding Proposal | Getting Engaged in Piedmont Park

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was hanging out in my office with the dogs trying to get a little editing done when IView full post »

Caroline and Caleb | Sunny Christmas Engagement in Naples, Florida

December has been a pretty busy traveling month.  By the end of this month, I will have made photos of awesome peopleView full post »

Jo March and Jane Bennet | A Wintery Chicago Engagement

Today I want to introduce you to an extraordinary couple, a modern Jo March and Jane Bennet.  They are getting marriedView full post »

Kitty and Lex | Fall Colors and Laughter in the Park

Hello Internet Friends!  Today I want to introduce you to an amazing couple who made me laugh and smile so much duringView full post »

engaged couple poses in front of wormsloe plantation historic site gates

Colleen and Daniel | Savannah Engagement Photos

Today is all about Colleen and Daniel, and Jack.  Colleen and Daniel are getting married next fall in Savannah.  AndView full post »

Holly and Bailey | Inman Park Engagement Photos

Today I’d like to introduce you to Holly and Bailey.  They are getting married next spring right here inView full post »

Amanda and Steve | Engagement Photos In Piedmont Park

Today I’d like to introduce you to Amanda and Steve.  They’re getting married in just a couple of months,View full post »

Whitney and Austin | Heart of South Carolina

So you know, my job is pretty much summed up as “Go meet awesome people and make them laugh and take theirView full post »

Barbara and Darryl | Engagement Session in Historic Downtown Norcross

Today I am introducing you to Barbara and Darryl, who are one of the funnest couples I’ve ever photographed.View full post »

Stephanie and Sri | Engagement Photos in Decatur

Good day Internet!  Today I want to introduce you to a really fun couple.  This is Stephanie and Sri, and they areView full post »

Annabeth and Elaine

These beautiful amazing ladies are Annabeth and Elaine.  They have been together for nearly 25 years.  They areView full post »

Taryn and Troy | Lake Acworth Engagement Photos

Yesterday we went downtown.  But today we go outside the city limits to a beautiful lake to spend the morning withView full post »

Sarah and Randy | Downtown Atlanta Engagement Session

Today I’d like to introduce you to Sarah and Randy.  They are getting married this October in downtown AtlantaView full post »

atlanta engagement picture with graffiti on the beltline

Katie and Steven’s Engagement Photos on The Atlanta Beltline

Here are a few highlights from Katie and Steven’s Atlanta engagement photography session on the Atlanta BeltlineView full post »

sunset engagement picture in tuscon arizona

Brooke and Roy’s Engagement Session in Tucson

Here are some really fun photos from Brooke and Roy’s engagement session in Tucson, Arizona.View full post »

savannah georgia engagement photo in square

Molly and Eric (and Cooper too!) | An Awesome Engagement Session

Engagement Photos with Molly and Eric in Downtown Savannah . . . People getting married is what we talk about aroundView full post »

green lake park engagement photo in seattle

Kate And Dan’s Engagement Session In Green Lake Park

This is Kate and Dan, remember them?  They had a gorgeous wedding at The Hollywood Schoolhouse just outsideView full post »

Check Out Our New Slideshow Video Thingy

Atlanta based destination wedding photographer Amanda Summerlin shares a video slideshow of beautiful and happy weddingView full post »


Engagement Photography: Why You Should Have An Engagement Session

Engagement photography is a little misunderstood, but is actually pretty important. Here’s why.View full post »

Engagement Photos At The Goat Farm In Atlanta

Jennifer and Ray have lots of fun and meet some chickens when they make their engagement photos at The Goat Farm inView full post »

Hillary and Dan: Baltimore Engagement Photography

Here are a few awesome engagement photos of Hillary and Dan, the coolest couple in the world, from Baltimore, Maryland.View full post »

Erin and James: Charleston, South Carolina Wedding Photography

Pictures from Erin and James engagement session in downtown Charleston, South Carolina and on the salt marshes.View full post »

Heather and Nick: Birmingham, Alabama Engagement Session

Here are a few nifty engagement photos of Heather and Nick at Railroad Park in Birmingham, Alabama.View full post »

Kristin and Mark: Engagement Session at McDaniel Farm

Here are Kristin and Mark and their happy puppies having a great time making engagement photos at McDaniel Farm Park inView full post »

Stacia and Andrea: Moab, Utah Engagement

Heres the story of how Stacia proposed to Andrea in Moab. Tune in to see what happened and stuff.View full post »

Meghan and Brian: Engagement Session in Clarksdale, Mississippi

Now that the Big Utah Adventure is over and I have caught up on my sleep somewhat, I should probably show you someView full post »

Kamille and Ted: World’s Nicest Couple

The winners of the Nice People Kick Ass Free Wedding Photography Giveaway came to town and made gorgeous engagementView full post »

Novem and Chris: Brooklyn Engagement Session

Novem and Chris: Engagement Photos in Brooklyn, New York The next stop on my big east coast adventure was Brooklyn,View full post »

Katie and Todd | Engagement Session in Old Town Norcross

Meet Katie and Todd. Theyre getting married. And they are awesome.View full post »

Joy and Doug: Engagement Session in Tryon, NC

Joy and Doug make their engagement photos in a coffee shop that’s a vintage clothing and book store too. Then weView full post »

LGBT Subject 1 and LGBT Subject 2: Engagement Session in Undisclosed Location

“This country will not be a good place for any of us to live in unless we make it a good place for all of us toView full post »

She Said Yes!: Getting Engaged in Piedmont Park

There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. ~AnaïsView full post »

Leslie and Marcus: Atlanta Engagement Session

Two engagement sessions in one week. Wow. You might not realize this, but editing engagements sessions is kind ofView full post »