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Teens, Tweens, and Seniors

Senior Portraits that Don’t Suck

I mean, you could go to the same lame place everyone else went and get that sweet picture of you holding some cheesy prop (pom poms anyone?) in front of one of their fifty oh-so-tired backdrops.

Or, you and I could go hang out somewhere cool and I can make photos of you that will make your friends turn Kermit-green. Senior pictures of you that will make them get busy hiding the ones they got with the pom poms.

You don’t have to wait ’til you’re a senior either. Did you just turn 13? 15? 16? Awesome! Or do you just feel like making killer rock and roll pics? Message me. Let’s do this. I’m only a mouse click or a text away from you any time.

Look, just because you have to use that lame high school portrait in the year book doesn’t mean you have to buy that junk and hang it up at your house. Your senior pictures should be about you, not some generic assembly line production. What is this? The Army? No. It’s your time to shine. It’s time to show the world who you are.

You’re not like everybody else. Your senior pictures shouldn’t be either.