Wanderlust. Art. Scotch. Coffee. Sci-fi. Coffee. Laughing until my side hurts. Smashing the patriarchy. Scotch. Banana pudding. Coffee.


Just thought I’d start off by listing some of my happy things, so that you can begin to picture the kind of person I am. Because when you’re looking for a photographer, it’s nice if you actually kind of click with the person behind the lens.


Some might say I’m pretty sarcastic (and they’d be right), but I do like to focus on the positive and avoid framing things in a negative way. And as a photographer, I always shoot for perfection while keeping myself open to any flash of inspiration that comes my way.

Though I’m based in Atlanta, I travel a ton (see “Wanderlust,” above) and love photographing weddings in cool new places. So before you make any snap decisions, why not check out my portfolio or bio page, and get to know me a little better? Or pose a question via email about your awesome wedding plans?

We can take it from there, and see what develops.

Maybe I’m biased, but I’m guessing that between my talent and your good looks, we can make some kickass pictures together.


I can’t wait.

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