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About You and Me: Wedding Photography Reviews



What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Below are a few reviews from past wedding photography clients.  You can also see more reviews from previous clients on my Wedding Wire vendor page, on Google, or in the comments at the end of this article at A Practical Wedding.




“Amanda was amazing to work with, and the quality of her photography speaks for itself. My husband was very concerned about having a photographer follow us around all day on our wedding day, but Amanda could not have been more easygoing and unobtrusive. By the time the ceremony started, we really didn’t even notice her, which I mean as a compliment, because she was still everywhere, getting the best shots. Our photos are better than we could have ever dreamed, well beyond our expectations. I can’t recommend her more highly.”

-Cheryl from Atlanta (with destination wedding in Mississippi)




Amanda and her team are amazing! She photographed our wedding, and not only were we thrilled with her and her photos, so were all our friends and family. She was thoughtful, thorough, professional, warm, funny, and a great addition to our party. One of our wedding party said after seeing her blog post for our event “Amanda Summerlin, you mad genius.”

-Russ from Seattle (but married Rachel in West Virginia)




“Amanda was an amazing photographer!! She and her office are so easy to work with, and the quality of her photos is incredible (definitely comparable to or better than photographers I saw quoting double her prices). She’s a true professional and very personable and helpful on site.”

-Caitlin from Westford, Massachusetts




“Working with Amanda is seamless and amazing. You never know what personality to expect from a photographer but Amanda does a great job at being easygoing, adaptable and understanding of every situation that presents itself (especially when it comes to a photographic opportunity). It was not even an issue for her that she was partaking in a same sex ceremony and we always felt comfortable with her from day one. The quality of her work is extraordinary and done in such a timely manner that there was no guesswork into how long we had to wait for anything. The whole crew for Amanda was very easy to contact with questions via email. I had friends who didn’t go to the wedding that were either crying with happiness when seeing the photos or saying that the pictures were the best they’ve ever seen. Amanda was able to capture such great moments and it’s just remarkable that we have our wedding day recorded forever so beautifully. Lastly, Amanda and her team are so detailed oriented and so professional in their delivery of their products. It was such a welcomed surprise to receive anything from them because it was just… so.. NICE. You almost don’t want to open it. They make sure that the photography experience is a good one. And for the price, she was easily accomodating to customized packages and utilizing time in an efficient way.”

-Shikha from Atlanta, Georgia



“From the first time I spoke to Amanda, she was very attentive to what I wanted in a photographer for my wedding. She was professional, very relaxed, friendly, and put all of my “bridezilla worries” to rest instantly! I was more than confident that she would do a great job for us because of her portfolio, but I was still floored when the day came. Amanda was PERFECT for our family! She took the time the day before to explore around the wedding site and my grandmother’s house where I was planning to get dressed, and found the most beautiful things to take pictures of. The day of the wedding, she was EVERYWHERE! She got pictures of everything. Beautiful pictures, I might add. My husband and I took “day after” pictures with her, and had so much fun that we invited her to lunch with us afterwards.

My whole family was super impressed with her as a person and completely stunned by her work. Most of my family members thought she was a friend from school because she fit in with me and my family so well.

Amanda gave me EXACTLY what I asked for at a price I could afford. I would recommend Amanda to any and everyone! In fact, one of my bridesmaids has already used her services for a portrait session.You won’t find a combination of talent and coolness like this anywhere else! She truly loves what she does, and loves to make beautiful moments last forever! (No matter how cheesy it sounds, it’s 100% true!)”

Moriah from New Orleans, Lousiana






“I really can not say enough wonderful things about Amanda Summerlin. She did an amazing job on our engagement photos, then our wedding day, a special bridal session, and recently some just me photos! She always captures the moment at just the right time. Amanda went above and beyond for our wedding. I have received so many compliments on all the photos and I am glad she had the experience to capture all the little details i missed. Seeing our pictures afterward was like getting married all over again. She is very knowledgeable in the traditional photos but also has a very keen eye for the details and even captures moments you didn’t know would mean so much. She brings with her photography skills a very strong sense of knowing people and how to get them at their best. She is very personable and can make even the most camera shy ( my husband ) come out of their shell. Amanda really knows how to make people comfortable in front of the camera. I would highly recommend her for any special occasion where you need all the moments perfectly captured. I cant wait for another life event that I will need her services.”

– Sharie from Decatur, Georgia




“I can’t say enough about how wonderful it was to work with Amanda. My partner and I hired her for an engagement session and were really blown away by the results. The photos are absolutely gorgeous — we have three prints framed and sitting on our fireplace mantle, and everyone who walks in the house comments on them immediately. Throughout the entire process — from first contact to the delivery of our photos — Amanda was professional, warm, and a pleasure to work with. I was really surprised by how comfortable I was during the shoot. I’m very camera–shy and don’t generally enjoy being photographed but Amanda made the session fun. She was creative and flexible when it came to location and poses, and she really listened to us in order to make the photographs personal. We absolutely plan to use her again in the future, and I highly recommend her to anyone else in the area.”

Anne from Marietta, Ga



“Amanda does a PHENOMENAL job! I couldn’t have wished for anything more from her as my wedding photographer. Her photos are incredibly expressive, well composed and timeless. She makes the process easy and fun for everyone!”

Melissa from Winder, Georgia



“Amanda Summerlin is THE GREATEST photographer EVER! Don’t think twice, just hire her!! She was so patient, relaxed, cool, hilarious!, and like another family member. My whole family is trying to find another reason to have her over 🙂 THANK YOU, THANK YOU, and THANK YOU again Amanda!”

Moriah from New Orleans, Lousiana (yes, again!)




“Amanda Summerlin Photography is one of a kind. She is easy going, relaxed and helps you feel the same way within minutes of speaking with her about what you want. She has a very creative eye and likes to capture moments, not poses. I used Amanda for our engagement, bridal, rehearsal and wedding day. She was always punctual and pleasant. Great communication skills which is an added bonus especially with weddings being such a high stress time. Overall both families are pleased with Amanda’s photos. However we are disappointed that a couple pinnacle photos that every wedding should have regardless were never taken. We don’t have a photo of both families together or that cliche his and hers “ring” picture. Also, she is a very passive photographer, she does not really tell you what to do and how to do it which can be hard if you have never had photo shoot experiences before. If you are a creative bride that knows exactly what you want, Amanda will work. And yes, I would absolutely use Amanda again the next time we need a photographer. =)”

Jessica from Gainesville, Georgia



“Amanda was wonderful. We planned our wedding from out of state, but I never worried about communication as she was very responsive via email and phone. She also had great ideas for places to meet when we were in town for a couple of planning days.

Amanda was very professional and friendly. She was always very helpful with advice and ideas. I had a request for a large group photo of us with our guests (~110 people). Amanda said, “Not a problem, that sounds great!” She brought a ladder and worked all the guests together and made it happen. I also appreciated her willingness to alter her package to replace engagement photos with a quick photo shoot with our dog and pictures of the rehearsal dinner.

Amanda was also unfazed by our family dynamics (e.g. I want a picture with my parents, but not with them standing next to each other). My husband is not a “photo person” and he even said that while he didn’t *enjoy* having his picture taken so much, Amanda made it so much less painful.

The actual pictures are fantastic. A mix of portraits, group shots and lots and lots of dancing candids :)”

– 2011 Wedding in Marietta, Georgia