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Doggie Fun!

More Doggies2.jpg

So, UPS delivered my brand new zoom lens in the middle of the day. I should have kept working on editing the photos that were already behind schedule, but who really likes to be responsible? What fun is that? Besides, I can always stay up half the night and get them done. Just so you know, gentle reader, although I never miss a deadline, I occasionally cause myself to suffer needlessly simply because I can. Anyway, I needed to try out the new lens, and the doggies graciously volunteered because they never miss an opportunity to play either. After a couple of quick outdoor sessions with this new lens, I am very pleased to say that it is an amazing lens and our doggies are DARN cute. Here’s the evidence.

Some More Doggies1.jpg

Some More Doggies2.jpg



More Doggies4.jpg

More Doggies1.jpg

The Doggies4.jpg

The Doggies5.jpg

The Doggies6.jpg

The Doggies7.jpg

Amanda Summerlin

Amanda Summerlin

Artist and Explorer at Amanda Summerlin Photography
Hello. My name is Amanda. I make neat pictures of nice people, drink coffee and whiskey (sometimes at the same time), and travel. I love traveling so much, I won't charge you any travel fees to photograph your wedding. Check out my travel info page for all the details. And see my blog for all the cool photos.
Amanda Summerlin

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