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Melissa’s Horses: BJ & Sonny

November 16.jpg

This is BJ. She is a quarterhorse with mad horse skills. I say this as if I know anything about horses. But the truth is, after watching her perform, I must admit that she has more grace and athletic ability in her left rear hoof than I will ever have in my whole life added up and multiplied by 10. It was really awesome to watch Melissa’s horses, BJ and Sonny, in action. They are powerful and graceful animals. Hearing the stories that Melissa and Oliver had to share about them, I am now more convinced than ever that animals are much, much smarter than we are in so many ways. Not only that, but beware of a horse with a sense of humor…

November 23.jpg

This is Sonny..

November 25.jpg
November 24.jpg

This is Melissa and Sonny..

IMG_2065 - Version 2.jpg

This is Oliver and BJ..

November 20.jpg

It’s a group portrait!

IMG_2118 - Version 3.jpg

Sonny being serious..

November 26.jpg

Sonny doing her camel impersonation..

November 29.jpg

All that exercise makes a horse as thirsty as a camel.

November 30.jpg

She doesn’t mind the bath at all.

November 31.jpg
November 32.jpg
November 27.jpg
November 33.jpg
Amanda Summerlin

Amanda Summerlin

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Amanda Summerlin

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