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More Thanksgiving Fun

The Thanksgiving school break was also an opportunity for Delanie to dye her hair pink like she’s wanted to forever. For some reason, schools don’t let you have unnaturally colored hair anymore.. what fun is that? They say it’s a distraction. It’s like they expect you to spend your time learning or something. Weird.

Thanksgiving 34.jpg
Thanksgiving 36.jpg
Thanksgiving 44.jpg
Thanksgiving 46.jpg
Thanksgiving 49.jpg
Thanksgiving 50.jpg
Thanksgiving 52.jpg
Thanksgiving 54.jpg
Thanksgiving 64.jpg
Thanksgiving 63.jpg
Amanda Summerlin

Amanda Summerlin

Artist and Explorer at Amanda Summerlin Photography
Hello. My name is Amanda. I make neat pictures of nice people, drink coffee and whiskey (sometimes at the same time), and travel. I love traveling so much, I won't charge you any travel fees to photograph your wedding. Check out my travel info page for all the details. And see my blog for all the cool photos.
Amanda Summerlin

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