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Lawrenceville Senior Portrait: Mountain View High

Hello again Internet friends. Today I have something new for you. The pictures I’m posting today are Matthew’s senior portraits. Matthew graduated from Mountain View this year, but was never very happy with his official MVH senior portraits. No problem! He grabbed his bass guitar, I grabbed my Canon, we visited a couple of super cool locations around Lawrenceville, and Ta-da!, cool senior portraits for a cool guy. No stinky fake tuxedo here. No way.

Lawrenceville Senior Portrait 8.jpg
Lawrenceville Senior Portrait 5.jpg
Lawrenceville Senior Portrait 6.jpg
Lawrenceville Senior Portrait 7.jpg
Lawrenceville Senior Portrait 3.jpg
Lawrenceville Senior Portrait 11.jpg
Lawrenceville Senior Portrait 12.jpg
Lawrenceville Senior Portrait.jpg

Bonus scenic shot! Matt was blessed with good photo mojo all afternoon. The sun graciously went behind clouds whenever we needed it to, extra neat scenes appeared out of the blue, traffic would disappear just long enough to get the shot. It was just good stuff. This water tower was a great ending to the shoot. I can’t believe I never noticed it before!

Lawrenceville Senior Portrait 9.jpg

Once again, thanks for looking! Keep checking back, because I’ve still got pet photos, more teen portraits, and a seriously smoking bridal session coming up in the next week!

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Amanda Summerlin

Amanda Summerlin

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Amanda Summerlin

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