Mel & Oli’s Wedding Guest Book

A few days ago I posted about the cool layflat photo books that we have available for order. I just got this one in last week and I really wanted to share it with you because it’s so cool. This book is Melissa and Oliver’s custom designed wedding guest book. A guest book is a great way to show off your favorite photos from your engagement session. Take a look at how neat it is!

Just like Apple computer, it starts with the presentation! The book comes in a very attractive gift box (I added the peacock feathers… you’ll see why)


Wedding Guest Book 1.jpg

Ok, it’s so pretty I gotta show it again…

Wedding Guest Book 9.jpg

But the best part is when you open the box… cue the angels please…. aaaaaaahhhhh…

Wedding Guest Book 2.jpg

The book cover is custom designed, front and back. This one is in the matte finish.

Wedding Guest Book 3.jpg
Wedding Guest Book 4.jpg

I loooove how the pages lay flat. It makes it easy for the guests to sign with one hand while they hold their beverage of choice in the other hand at the reception. And, as your photographer, I want you to see the whole photo that we made… not lose half of it in the gutter between the pages.

Wedding Guest Book 5.jpg

Remember this photo? It’s one of my favorites…

Wedding Guest Book 6.jpg

And of course, since we love love love details around here, there is a place in the back to record all the fabulous gifts that everyone gave you!

Wedding Guest Book 7.jpg

So, there it is! Melissa and Oliver’s custom designed, super fabulous guest book. Notice the coolio peacock feathers on the cover art? When we design her wedding albums, everything will coordinate with her wedding theme… how cool is that?

Wedding Guest Book 8.jpg

Thanks again for humoring me and fake laughing at all my lame jokes one more time! And don’t forget to keep checking back, because there is some awesome stuff coming in the next few weeks, not the least of which is a WEDDING!!

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