Kayla and Cody: Savannah Engagement Session

Hello again everyone! Today I’m sharing more photos from Kayla and Cody’s engagement session in Savannah on Saturday. I know I said it before, but I really was so impressed with how sweet these two are together. It’s obvious how much they care for each other in every way. Take a look at these photos and see for yourself.

We met in Forsyth Park, because it is illegal to do an engagement session in Savannah and not make a couple of photos there.

Savannah Engagement 1.jpg
Savannah Engagement 2.jpg

The best thing about Kayla and Cody was how adorable they would be together when they thought I wasn’t looking.

Savannah Engagement 3.jpg

After a few photos in Forsyth Park, we took a walk around the area and checked out the scenery. We had a lot of fun just trying out different ideas. Now, most of y’all know I used to live in Savannah when I went to college. I spent quite a lot of time running around downtown Savannah with a camera in hand, but I never did any portraiture during that time. On Saturday I experienced a level of southern hospitality that was out of this world. For the next couple of photos where Kayla and Cody are standing next to this cool wall, I walked across the street and crouched next to a parked car to get the photo. I’m snapping away and when I stop to check my camera settings, I look up to see that cars have actually stopped in the street from both directions so that I could take my photo!

Savannah Engagement 4.jpg
Savannah Engagement 5.jpg
Savannah Engagement 6.jpg

Here they are being adorable again.

Savannah Engagement 7.jpg
Savannah Engagement 8.jpg
Savannah Engagement 9.jpg

Kayla has stunning eyes.

Savannah Engagement 10.jpg
Savannah Engagement 11.jpg

On the way back to our cars, we saw this awesome spot.

Savannah Engagement 13.jpg
Savannah Engagement 14.jpg

And then we headed to the beach for sunset. I had been watching the skies the whole day while I drove down from Atlanta. I had been a little worried when I got just outside Savannah and saw that there were heavy clouds hovering in the eastern sky. But fortune was on our side and the clouds broke up just long enough to give us a spectacular sunset.

We stopped on the boardwalk to take a few photos. I gave them a chalkboard and chalk, so Cody wrote a special message for Kayla.

Savannah Engagement 15.jpg
Savannah Engagement.jpg

And then we walked down to the water, where Cody immediately noticed that there were dolphins swimming just a few feet off shore. They were so close we could have walked out and petted them. But a little birdy told me that the water was pretty cold, so I didn’t do that. =)

Engagement 512 - Version 2 - Version 2.jpg
Savannah Engagement 16.jpg
Savannah Engagement 17.jpg

In that last photo, you can see that the moon was up and full. What a perfect day to make photos! So, I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving tomorrow, and thanks for taking a look at my blog!

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