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My Favorite Photos of 2010 – Part 2

Good morning Internet! I’ve had a solid six hours of sleep, so I feel bright and chipper. Well, I will as soon as the coffee gets here. But there’s no time for tired. It’s time to share with you the other half of my favorite photos from 2010.

Yesterday when I added up all the numbers, I thought to myself that 28,000 photos was kind of low. It seemed like I’d been working more than that. I just went and checked, and the number is close enough to correct, but what I forgot is that I didn’t really start making photos until May of this year. So, in about 7 months I smashed that little button nearly 30,000 times. Actually, probably more than that, since the first thing I always do is throw out the hopelessly blurry shots. Hard drives can’t take vitamins and grow bigger you know. (But whyyyyyyy?)

This first photo is a favorite because I just love the pods on the patio at the Hotel Indigo. The artsy fartsy part of me gets all excited about the lines and how they lead your eye through the image and how the contrast makes her image pop. But basically, it’s just dang pretty.

wedding photographer (7).jpg

This photo is just electrically charged. It has pop and zing and some other comic book words too. Some of it might be because of me, but I’m pretty sure that it rocks mostly because of who I was taking photos of. If you take pictures of awesome, you will get awesome pictures. You can see more here.

portrait photography.jpg

From Hannah’s sweet sixteen photo session. I call this photo her vampire photo, cause she’s all pale and dramatic and stuff. Kind of like Twilight, which is naturally, one of her favorite book/movies.

senior portrait photograhy (1).jpg

These guys are fun. I’ll show you the rest of their session soon. Don’tcha just love the old glider?

portrait photographer.jpg

Another sweet sixteen session from the summer. This is MJ. I dig the way the background colors make her skin look even more porcelain and flawless.

senior portrait.jpg

See? I tell funny jokes during sessions.

senior portrait photograhy.jpg

The camera makes people act in unusual ways. Sometimes people love it. Most people don’t. The upside to people being uncomfortable when someone shoves a gigantic camera at them is that they look for other things to think about. I really like the way she’s making eye contact with us while he is looking at her. Later on in the session, he got all comfy with the camera and made some more excellent photos, but this one is still one of my faves.

wedding photographer (1).jpg

Psst. Hey. Look over here.

wedding photographer (3).jpg

Usually, the best part of weddings is the kids. All us grown-ups know what’s going on, but kids’ reactions are fascinating because usually it’s their first wedding. Sometimes they’re scared. Other times they’re amazed. Occasionally they’re rotten. No matter what, it makes great photos.

wedding photographer (11).jpg

What’s not to love about this photo? A guy with a mohawk in a totally B.A. jacket is taking photos of the ceremony with his iPhone. Sweet.

wedding photographer.jpg

Sometimes you just get lucky. Especially if you plan to. Walking back to the car, I saw this wall and hoped I could get this photo. Savannah is a walking city, so it only took a minute. Poor Kayla said she was a little embarrassed. I hope she forgives me now.

wedding photographer (16).jpg

See? Kids. Wedding photography magic.

wedding photographer (13).jpg

I love a good power portrait. And this is one of my favorites of the whole year because that’s a real smile and those are a little hard to get.

wedding photographer (6).jpg

This photo cracks me up when I look at it. I love it when we can catch those little moments when people don’t think you’re making a photo and act like themselves for just a split second.

wedding photographer (9).jpg

Again with the getting lucky if you plan for it.

wedding photographer (14).jpg

This photo is just timeless. Yes. I said it.

wedding photographer (12).jpg

I think this photo is just everyone’s favorite of the year. The only other thing that’s cooler than kid photos at a wedding is grandparent photos.

wedding photographer (17).jpg

All righty, Internet. The great year of 2010 is nearly a wrap. There’s just a few hours left. I’ve got two more blog posts to complete before the day/year is over, because I want to finish this year properly. Wish me luck.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Amanda Summerlin

Amanda Summerlin

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Amanda Summerlin

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