What A Year! My Favorite Photos of 2010 – Part 1

Wow, 2010 flew by pretty fast. If I still wrote checks, I’d have just gotten then hang of writing 2010 about a month ago. A lot of stuff happened in 2010, but I’m not terribly sentimental about that junk. Google, FaceBook, and Amazon are taking over the world. Celebrities got in trouble for [gasp] being naughty. And, oh yeah, the sky is falling. But over here in Amanda-Land, pretty pictures of awesome people and places happened on a regular basis and everyone is happy and doing just fine, thank you very much. And that is what I’d like to share with you today.

Here are the 2010 stats: I took over 28,747 photos in 2010 (not counting the blurry ones that got deleted). I traveled 4,573 miles. I spent $6259.32 acquiring gear and other necessary materials. Over the course of the year, I did a lot of upgrading of my gear. I spent an enormous amount of time reading, learning, and practicing. I worked a bunch and was fortunate enough to have some great clients this year. There’s definitely a major progression over the course of the year, both in terms of style and ability. I’d say the theme for 2010 has definitely been growth.

I’ve been working on this favorites list for a few days. Who knew it would be so hard? I thought I’d just run in and pick out a quick 20 photos and that would be no problem. On my first pass, I had nearly 100. So I went back through them all and got it down to less than 50. Then, I realized I’d made a mistake and had to start over (doh!). That got me down to 33. Then I asked Jessie to help me narrow it down. That got me to where I am now, with 35 photos to share with you. Yeah, she was kind of opposite help.

Here, in no particular order… are about half of my favorite photos of 2010. I’ll post the rest tomorrow.

This first one is from Zac’s birthday session. I like this one because I was on a mission to make a specific photo and I had a really limited amount of time to get the shot. After a couple of reschedules, we finally made it to the soccer field and had this shot nailed in 15 minutes, leaving a bunch of time to goof off. Not only that, but now he thinks I’m cool.

family photographer.jpg

This shot is just a perfect pooch portrait. I love super close ups of dogs.

family photograhy (1).jpg

Oh yeah, some super sweet drooly baby goodness will always make the cut. You can get more of that here.

family photography (1).jpg

I just love the light in this shot. She’s just glowing. I always love a great shot that doesn’t need a lot of processing (duhr), and this was practically perfect right out of the camera. Yes, she is just that gorgeous. You can see more from this bridal session here.

wedding photographer (8).jpg

This photo makes me giggle every time I look at it. I just love his expression.

family photography (2).jpg

I’m not big on sunrise and sunset photos. I figure I’ll just let all the other photographers get up all early and take care of that for me. But I dragged myself out of bed for this one, and with a 48oz. coffee in hand, I made it down to the marsh just in time to get this one. I like it because it’s kind of off balance, like me.

family photography (3).jpg

This is probably my favorite wedding photo of the year, which is saying a lot, since I’ve got over 11,000 of those to look at. But I really like how the groom is balancing his plate and glass in one hand so he can shake hands with the other.

wedding photographer (4).jpg

This one is from Delanie’s birthday session. She had a hard time with the camera this year. It was hard to get her to chillax and be herself for a moment. But things came together the way they always do, and we got a moment of her being herself just as the light became perfect. Two shots later the perfect light was gone and she was hopping on one foot again.

family photography.jpg

Don’t you just love little bitty baby toes? I love a black and white photo, and this is an awesome detail shot that would not be nearly as fascinating in color. You can see the rest of the session here.

newborn portrait photography.jpg

This is Tonka. He is the coolest dog you will ever meet. He told me to tell you that.

pet photographer.jpg

I took these photos a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t even blogged them here yet. This is one of the first photos from the session. If I had known I had made such a great photo right away, we could have gone home 45 minutes sooner! On the other hand, if I’d done that, I wouldn’t be able to show you the other cool photo from this session tomorrow, cause it was one of the last.

portrait photographer (1).jpg

Look deep into those eyes and try to say no. You can’t. It’s not possible. She knows it.

portrait photographer (2).jpg

I love how sweet this picture is. This is their first look, and these two were just adorable. I like this photo because you can’t see either of their eyes, but you can see both of their smiles.

wedding photographer (18).jpg

Speaking of really sweet couples, check out this awesome couple. This photo is another one that makes me smile every time I see it. This is Kayla and Cody at their engagement session in Savannah. I really had fun with them. Cody didn’t talk much. He reminded me of my Uncle Jake a little. Uncle Jake didn’t talk much, but when he did say something, it was always something good.

wedding photographer (15).jpg

This photo is from an engagement session at the Square in Marietta. You’ll see the rest of them tomorrow… lol. This is one of their favorite photos from the session, and mine too. It’s just a sweet simple moment.. a piece of a moment really. And the light and colors are perfect.

wedding photographer (10).jpg

This is another engagement session. These two love the outdoors, so they blindfolded me and we went to their favorite secret waterfall to take this photo. No, I can’t tell you where it is. I love the way the colors make this photo pop. You can see their session here and here.

wedding photographer (2).jpg

So, there you have it my lovely internet friend.. about half of my favorite photos of the year. I’d love to hear your thoughts on my choices. But don’t get too panicked if you don’t see your favorite one here. I’ve got the other half coming soon. And then a cool surprise after that. Oh, and another cool surprise as soon as I can figure out this geeky computer downloady stuff.

Thanks for reading my blog!

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