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I’m going to be honest with you (like I’m not usually). I’ve got big plans for my photography. I really do. If you’ve been looking at my work for a little while now, you have probably noticed that Every. Single. Shoot., stuff gets better. I’ve been really busting my chops for the past several months to learn EVERYTHING as fast as I possibly can. I’m not saying that what I was doing six months ago wasn’t good, but I am saying what I’m doing now is SO much better.

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And I’m not slowing down. Remember that reading list I showed you a couple of weeks ago? I’m plowing through that stuff. Learning. Absorbing. It’s like I’m in college, but without all the keg parties and student loans (both of which will give you a horrible headache later)….. AND I’m actually learning things that are relevant to what I’m doing.

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What’s my point, you ask. Well, VALUE is my point. You see, this isn’t my first time running my own business. I was a pretty darn successful decorative artist in the southeast for several years. The reason I was so successful was because I understood the importance of value. I always worked and strived to make sure that not only did my client get every single thing I promised them, they got MORE than what I promised. Every. Time. And more than a few times I heard from very satisfied clients that writing the final check to me was a joy because it was worth every penny and then some. In fact, I heard that from most clients.

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And so I’m taking all that I learned from my first business, and I’m applying it to my photography business. And then I’m turning up the wattage. Big time. Because I’m not interested in just puttering around. Every time I pick up a camera, it is my goal to be better than I was last time. Every time I take a payment from a client, it is my goal to make them feel like they got much more than they paid for.

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This set of photos is all about my friend Frank. Frank and I worked together for a little while. I actually hired him and trained him to be my assistant at the decorative arts studio where we worked. Right away I knew he was someone special. It took a long time to get to know him, because he’s not one to talk a lot. But over several months, I found out more and more about him.

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One of the first things I learned about Frank is that he is a musician and composer. When I met him, he had very recently graduated from SCAD with a degree in sound design and was trying to figure out what was next. Having been in his shoes a (ahem) few years before, I understood his frustrations. We shared stories about the many ways that people try to take advantage of creative professionals. (There are apparently an infinite and endless number of ways people try to do this!)

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After some time, and some convincing, he finally shared some of his work with me. I didn’t really know what to expect. His musical tastes were pretty unusual, and diverse. But when he finally let me hear some of his compositions for one of the short films he had worked on, I was blown away.

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So let’s fast forward to today. Frank has finished his latest personal work. It’s called Wake Windows. When we first started talking about doing a shoot, he sent me a copy to listen to. I have listened to this album (he said I can call it an album… digital stuff is confusing sometimes)… I’ve listened to this album nonstop. It’s really my favorite thing to listen to right now.

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One of the things I like best about the way Frank composes is that the intensity of his music seems to be a direct connection to the right brain. I can listen to his music and do creative work for endless hours. This particular album has kept me in a creative zone for over a month.

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Frank was very gracious and sent me a link so that I can share his work with you. I invite you to listen to this with your headphones on and with a nice glass of wine in hand. Sit back and close your eyes and let the music pour over your brain. You are almost certain to feel refreshed after listening. But don’t try to listen, because the point is that this music isn’t the kind of thing that you sing along to. You experience it.

The Ocean Out and Drown of Plights by Frank A. Napoli

And I’ll end the post here. I have more photos of Frank to share with you and I will be sure to do so. Thanks again for checking in. Hope your day is amazing.

Oh, for anyone who is wondering why I don’t do decorative painting anymore, well, after a couple of decades of breathing all those fumes, I really just don’t need to do it anymore. Thankfully, digital photography is odor free and VOC free. And that’s a good thing. Cause I’m fond of breathing. Especially in and out.

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