Acrylic Prints of Your Favorite Photos

As a photographer, my goal is to make amazing photos for you to enjoy. Being a photographer is really lots of fun, especially the part where you jump up and down and clap your hands (or just smile and nod if you’re all cool and stuff), and are totally thrilled with your photos. That rocks.

But there’s this thing I’ve noticed lately, and other photographers I’ve spoken to agree. Even though you’ve got this super awesome disk with a hundred awesome photos on it that you are totally in love with, most of those photos never go anywhere except to your facebook profile… and don’t get me wrong, facebook is great, but don’t you want to do MORE with them?

At my house, there are photos in frames, photos in albums, photos pinned to bulletin boards, photos on mugs, photos in collages, photos on business cards, photos on 411 cards(more on those later) and now there’s one of these…. an acrylic print. Ooooooh yessss. And it’s gorgeous!

custom acrylic print of teen portrait 3.jpg

The photo is printed on the back of a 1/4 inch thick piece of highly polished crystal clear acrylic. Then the back is coated with opaque white ink so that the light bounces through the image and back, bringing it to life with colors more vibrant and intense than you can get with traditional paper. Do I sound kinda geeky? It’s because I didn’t expect how good looking this thing was going to be when I ordered it.

custom acrylic print of teen portrait 7.jpg
custom acrylic print of teen portrait 5.jpg

Have I ever told you how much I like shiny stuff? Yeah, I can’t help it. You know you like shiny stuff too. What’s not to love?

custom acrylic print of teen portrait 10.jpg

Acrylic prints are also displayed a little differently too. On all four corners are stainless stand offs, so that when you install them, they stand out from the wall 1/2 inch.

custom acrylic print of teen portrait 4.jpg

Details just pop to life on these prints. The glossy surface makes bright colors look richer and dark tones look deeper and richer.

custom acrylic print of teen portrait 9.jpg

They come in 4 sizes: 16×16″, 16×23.5″, 19.5×19.5″, 19.5×23.5″ (That’s 2 square formats and 2 rectangular formats.)

You see? There’s lots of great stuff you can do with those awesome photos besides use them on facebook. In fact, I’m making it a point the next few weeks to tell you about several more. Be sure to let me know if you see something you want to know more about. If you have gorgeous photos, you should show them off! Let me help you do it.

As for me, guess I’ll be buying a couple more of these for the living room. Good thing the prices on them are so sweet.

Amanda Summerlin

Artist and Explorer at Amanda Summerlin Photography
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Amanda Summerlin

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