Family Portrait in the Snow

I had this idea a long time ago. You see, Jessie, Hannah, Delanie, and Zachary all have the most beautiful eyes. I’ve wanted to make their portrait in the snow for a while, but there’s just not that much snow in Georgia… until this year. This year there’s plenty of snow. And it probably isn’t going anywhere for a few more days according to the weather man.

This morning, with almost half a foot of snow on the ground, we headed outside to make the official snow family portrait.

family portrait in the snow

portrait of teen girl in snow with blue eyes

Check out those baby blues. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

portrait of teen girl in snow

portrait of boy in snow

portrait of woman with blue eyes in snow

portrait of mother and daughter in snow

portrait of mother and daughter in snow

portrait of mother and son in snow

family portrait of mother and children in snow

snowmageddon portrait

portrait of woman in sunglasses in snow

Look!  That’s me in her glasses!

And that’s the official snow family portrait.  Here’s a couple just for fun.

portrait of boy playing snowballs in snow

Don’t you just love the look on Zac’s face?

kids having a snowball fight in snowmaggeddon in georgia

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