Emelia and Adele: Newborn Twin Portraits in Grant Park

newborn portrait twins atlanta 20.jpg

There are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared: twins. ~Josh Billings

Hello Internet. I’d like to introduce you to Emelia and Adele. They are twins, and they’re 10 weeks old. I was lucky and got to spend the morning of Father’s Day with them and their mom and dad, Jessica and Ron.

newborn portrait twins atlanta 1.jpg

The first thing we did was head to Grant Park for some photos in the gorgeous morning light.

newborn portrait twins atlanta 7.jpg
newborn portrait twins atlanta 10.jpg

You know you’re hanging with the cool people when you go out with them and they bring staff. Ha ha, not really staff. That’s Aunt Jen, who was really awesome and came along to help out. Now that’s love. I thought she should get some recognition. Now, back to the babies…

newborn portrait twins atlanta 15.jpg

After the park, we made a few photos with dad’s ‘first baby’, a gorgeous 1970 El Camino. How cool is that? Exactly.

newborn portrait twins atlanta 14.jpg
newborn portrait twins atlanta 17.jpg
newborn portrait twins atlanta 21.jpg

And because Emelia and Adele were being so awesome, we got to make these very cool photos in the groovy Eames Lounge chair. This photo makes me very happy. I just love a photo that tells a story.

newborn portrait twins atlanta 24.jpg

Their poor dogs (who were super adorable) were trying so hard to get someone, anyone, to look at them. Please.

newborn portrait twins atlanta 23.jpg

These expressions just crack me up.

newborn portrait twins atlanta 28.jpg
newborn portrait twins atlanta 29.jpg

I want to thank Jessica and Ron for sharing their first Father’s Day with me. I had such a great time playing with you guys and Jen. Emelia and Adele are beautiful, and thanks again for the yummy chocolate and sea salt popsicle!

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