Baby Amelia: Newborn Photos in Smyrna

On Saturday I drove to Smyrna to meet Baby Amelia and her mom and dad, Brittany and Keith. Amelia was four weeks old on Saturday. But even at such a young age, it was apparent that she’d already assumed command of the household. Babies do that somehow.

newborn pictures in smyrna 1.jpg
newborn pictures in smyrna 3.jpg
newborn pictures in smyrna 8.jpg

They’re just so captivating. We’re mesmerized by every little thing they do. We excitedly wait for them to acknowledge us. And we get so excited when they look at us.

newborn pictures in smyrna 9.jpg
newborn pictures in smyrna 12.jpg

In fact, as soon as she looked at me, I began bossing her parents around like a drill sergeant herding cats. Hey, you get over there, she’s looking in this direction so we’re going to frame the whole shot around the direction of her gaze. I know that’s why she’s looking at me. I can tell.

newborn pictures in smyrna 13.jpg
newborn pictures in smyrna.jpg

But the truth is, babies are fascinating. They explain us to ourselves. We watch them to understand ourselves.

newborn pictures in smyrna 21.jpg
newborn pictures in smyrna 17.jpg

We admire their little parts with reverence, knowing once upon a time, we looked like that too. And one day, she’ll be big like us.

newborn pictures in smyrna 18.jpg
newborn pictures in smyrna 20.jpg

So we try to make sure we save something to show them because, just like us, they’ll find it hard to imagine they were ever that tiny…

newborn pictures in smyrna 14.jpg
newborn pictures in smyrna 22.jpg

And we watch when they sleep because it’s the purest, most innocent sleep that there is. This is a person who is fresh and new and perfect. Just perfect.

newborn pictures in smyrna 24.jpg
newborn pictures in smyrna 25.jpg

And these two people are lucky enough to be the ones she will call Mom and Dad.

Thanks to Brittany and Keith for inviting me to your home to preserve these memories for you. It was great fun to play with you guys and share a few chuckles with you. Babies really do make impressive sounds.

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