Deep Thoughts and Chicken Biscuits From The Interstate

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Did you know I drove to Mississippi and back in one day last week? Yes, it’s true. I’m mentally unstable. It seemed silly to get a hotel though. So, suffice it to say, I had an abundance of time to reflect truly deep and meaningful thoughts. But I didn’t. Instead, these are the things I thought of as I drove…

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Why do people drive so slow until you try to pass them?

Why do people pass you and then slow down?

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At the Hardee’s drive in, a sign said, “Nobody ever high fives after eating tofu.” But who high fives after eating anything?

Why do I always eat the chicken biscuit for breakfast on road trips even though I know it will make me suffer for hours?

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How do they make the toilet paper in public restrooms so thin and yet so hard to tear?

Who actually buys all the hats, CDs, shot glasses, keychains, incense, and other crap they sell at gas stations anyway?

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Why do people get on the interstate and drive 50mph in the left lane?

WHY are there no Dairy Queens in Alabama?

Why do people throw so much crap out of their car windows? Do they think little elves come and pick it up?

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Are we there yet?

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