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Lynn and Kevin: Destin Beach Wedding Day After Photography

Destin beach wedding day after session 3

“Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, and I say it’s all right…”  -The Beatles


Lynn and Kevin’s Sunrise Day After Wedding Photos At The Beach

Day after photos are one of the best ways to celebrate the beginning of a newly married couple’s new life together.  Early Sunday morning, Lynn and Kevin met me at the beach for their sunrise day-after photo session, so that they could have a special set of photos of just them… and I’m glad they did.

Beach wedding day after photo session

Destin beach wedding day after session 4

It was a gorgeous perfect sunrise and we had the beach mostly to ourselves.  This family was really sweet and tried to hurry past, but I couldn’t resist the shot anyway.

Destin beach wedding day after session 6

Mostly, however, I just tried to stay out of the way and let Lynn and Kevin be themselves and enjoy their first sunrise together as a married couple.  And they did just that.

Destin beach wedding day after session 5

Destin beach wedding day after session 1

Destin beach wedding day after session 7

Destin beach wedding day after session 9

Destin beach wedding day after session 10

Destin beach wedding day after session 11

After spending time with Lynn and Kevin, you start to notice how much love they share for each other.  They’re not the kind of people who are declaring things from mountain tops, or the front of ocean liners.  Their love is like an undercurrent that runs through everything they do.  It’s there, and it’s strong and unfaltering.

Destin beach wedding day after session 12

But the thing that you notice most of all is how much they laugh together.  And that is my favorite thing about them.  There’s so much playfulness and joy between these two that it’s absolutely contagious.  It’s just plain fun to hang out with them (check out how much fun we had during their engagement session at the Chattahoochee River).

So thank you , Lynn and Kevin, for the honor and the pleasure of being a part of your wedding day.  But also, thank you for simply being so much fun to be around.  I wish you a lifetime of laughter and love, and I’m pretty sure you’ve got it covered.

Amanda Summerlin

Amanda Summerlin

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Amanda Summerlin

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