Ooooo, It’s Cyber Monday

Good news


Happy Cyber Monday to you, Internet Friends.  Not to worry though.  No way am I ever gonna start pestering you with any “Act Now! These Prices Won’t Last” crap.  This is basically just a neat coincidence that I’m letting you know about new print pricing today of all days….

Here’s the good news: After doing a bunch of searching and testing, I’ve picked a new lab for photo prints.  They’re still incredible quality prints with rich gorgeous color and perfect detail from a professional photography lab.  Just with much better pricing.  You’re still gonna get amazing archival prints that will last a lifetime or two.  You’ll just pay a lot less for them.  And, to make things even more awesome-er, orders of $50 or more get free shipping.  Shipping is just $5 for all other orders.  That’s pretty cool, right?

So Act Now!  Or later.  These prices are totally gonna last.


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