Newborn Photographs of Baby Reilly

Introducing Newborn Baby Reilly . . .

Hello everyone.  Today I would like to introduce you to a brand new person.  Those big beautiful eyes belong to sweet baby Reilly.  And Reilly belongs to Katie and Todd.  You may recognize Katie and Todd from their Norcross engagement photos or their wedding in Norcross, and even if you don’t recognize them, I KNOW you remember young Mr. Dakota.  Dakota is quite the ham, and one of my favorite subjects, but even his remarkable adorable superpowers were no match for the sweetness that is baby Reilly.  Yet.


And that, my friends, was your daily dose of adorable.  And awesome.  And sweet.  Aw, heck, it was pretty much sugar and spice and everything nice, wasn’t it?

Thank you Katie and Todd for having me over and sharing your awesome with me one more time.  And thanks to Dakota for being my back up photographer and keeping me on track.  You guys really are the best.



Amanda Summerlin

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Amanda Summerlin

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