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You know, the thing that I love most about having kids is waiting to see who they’re going to be, and that’s why I love visiting with Jessica and Ron.  We’ve been making photos of Emelia and Adele for a little while now, and every time I visit, they show us a little more about who they’re becoming.  Emelia has always been very outgoing, while Adele has been a little more reserved, but this visit was different.  I mean, Emelia was still pretty dang cute and adorable as always, but Adele decided to ham it up for us this time, and it was awesome.  She even photo-bombed a couple of shots… lol.  They’re both getting to be such big explorers now, and Jess and Ron really planned the day perfectly so the girls could have fun and show their personalities.  First there were bubbles, followed by a little fence climbing.  Since it was a bit chilly outside,  hot chocolate with extra marshmallows brought big smiles and warmed little bellies.  Afterwards, everyone chillaxed in the nursery with blocks and cuddles.  Well, actually baby Georgia pretty much stuck with the cuddling all day and skipped the other stuff, but she sure did rock her hat.

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