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 “Ten percent of all of the photographs made in the entire history of photography were made last year… “  — Time Magazine

Hey Internet!  I made you a present.  That’s not a photo up there.  That’s a video with about 120 of my favorite photos from all our 2013 weddings and engagements, all bundled up with a really catchy song.  You should click the play button and check it out, ’cause it was really hard to pick only 100 favorite photos.  True story.  Me and all the cool people I met last year made some really amazing photos together.  There are a lot of great memories in that slide show.  And if you enjoyed that one, you should totally check out our wedding highlights from 2012.

You know, once somewhere on this blog I described my job as “Go meet awesome people and make them laugh and take their picture.”  There was definitely plenty of that happening in 2013.  And there was some traveling.  And I took a few photos too.  Out of morbid curiosity, I added up all the numbers to see what the year looked like.


2013 by the numbers:



NUMBER OF ROLLS OF FILM:  27 (not enough!)







But what about 2014?

We have a tradition in our studio that at the beginning of each year, Jessie and I decide what the theme for the new year will be and we write it down on big giant index cards and stick them to our giant dry-erase calendar on the wall beside our desk.  The theme for 2013 was “Attitude of gratitude, bitches!” We knew 2013 was going to be a hard year to tackle, and we wanted to remind ourselves to be grateful for the growing pains.  It’s a good thing we were thinking ahead, ’cause let me just say, there was suffering.  Maybe even some wailing.  Definitely some gnashing of teeth.   And we sometimes found that we needed to chant our theme late into the night as we worked to wrap up projects.  But it worked.  We survived and got better at everything.  And of course we’ll carry that gratitude with us this year and every year.

But 2014 is bringing a whole new Nintendo of levels of challenges, so we plan to prepare for them like a boss.  This year, not only will we be shooting more weddings than we ever have, but we’re going to be promoting our newborn photography like crazy.  And I plan to work more on my film photography and my fine art.  That’s a lot to take on, so we’ve been working at warp speed behind the scenes making sure that our whole system from start to finish is rock solid.  We’ve renovated the heck out of our office space (more on that another day), and we’ve implemented an office management system to make sure that we stay on track for every client.  Because we love you guys that much.  For realz.

And since we’re thinking big, we needed to pick a theme that reminded us to stick with it.  So, in honor of Simon de Pury and his wicked awesome accent, we’ve decided that our theme for 2014 is, “Be bold! Be brave! Be amazing!”  Please note that it’s important to say it with a raspy Swiss accent in your best Simon de Pury impersonation, so we’ll pause a moment and let you practice.


Good.  Now here’s a cool set of photos of my favorite 2013 Blue Steels:

And that is alls I gots, folks.  We don’t really do resolutions or anything like that.  However, I’m curious if you did.  Let us know what your goals and resolutions are, and we’ll totally harass… ehrm… check in with you as the year goes by to see how you’re doing.  After all, you’d do that for us, right?

Because I can’t help myself, I’m going to leave you with this jewel from a Southwest Airlines flight attendant:  “Folks we’re going to dim the lights now so you can rest and also because frankly its hard to look cute this long.”

Coming up next:  Books.  Books.  Books.

2014 reading list


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