Atlanta Lifestyle Family Photos | Wyatt and Lila and Their Big People

Atlanta Family Photos | Wyatt and Lila and Their Big People

Today we change gears again and have a little backyard family fun with Christina and Hunter and their munchkins, Wyatt and Lila. When I first arrived, Wyatt was feeling a little shy.  After taking a minute to size me up, he decided I was probably ok. I could tell he’d decided I was ok when I got an invitation to check out his superhero mural in his room (really super cool, btw). Then it was time to go outside and do outside things. There was swinging, and running, and car parking, and running, and climbing, and running. And maybe some running. I have an idea that later there was probably a nice long nap too. Well, I had a nap. Lila, however, was a little less rambunctious. She was much more interested in eating and cuddling. So mom and dad were happy to oblige, and we made some wonderful black and white photos of her teeny little hands and feet that will melt even the scroogiest heart of hearts. Enjoy!



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