Stone River Columbia SC Wedding | Stacey and Shawn

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“Love isn’t judgmental. Love is patient. Love is weird, and sometimes gross. Love is elusive, and you found it. So treasure it”.  – Liz Lemon; 30 Rock

There are a very few people in the world that you just adore from the moment you meet them. They have a rare gift for being genuine and warm and approachable in a way that makes everyone they meet feel instantly at ease around them. Stacey and Shawn are those kind of people. From our very first Skype meeting, they had me laughing and cutting up with them like we’d known one another forever. After we finished their engagement session on the State House grounds in Columbia, I went home secretly kind of worried that I might have laughed so hard that nothing would be in focus. Fortunately, that all worked out. Whew. When their wedding day finally arrived, I was pretty excited to see them again. Meeting their families and friends was wonderful. Stacey’s parents are hilarious and warm hearted, and Shawn’s parents are the nicest, most loving people you will ever meet. After the ceremony, when we were making family photos with Stacey’s family, and I told them that I just needed to get one photo with everyone’s eyes open and if I didn’t get one, I’d just Photoshop zoo animals on anyone with their eyes closed, everyone’s immediate response was to close their eyes. Guess I’m gonna need to get a new schtick.

It’s easy and obvious to wax philosophical about love in a post about a wedding, and Stacey and Shawn clearly love one another very much. But Stacey and Shawn had a moment early in the day that made me think about the other important things we have to offer each other. Like comfort. They decided not to see each other before the ceremony, but after the usual stresses of getting ready for a wedding, Stacey realized she just needed a moment with Shawn to ground herself before the ceremony. So, with their eyes closed, they leaned in close together in the foyer of their venue and Stacey found comfort in the familiar smell of Shawn. That, internet friends, is why you marry someone.
Stone River Columbia South Carolina Wedding | Stacey and Shawn-3Bride's Ready Room Essentials | Stacey and Shawn


Stacey and Shawn’s Creative Team

Catering: Signature Catering
DJ: Big Time Entertainment
Cake/deserts being made by friends of the family
Florist: Pampered Plants
Venue: Stone River
Macy Canady (Event Coordinator for Ceremony, but not reception)


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