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“‘Cause I need you like a needle needs a vein
Like my Uncle Joe in Oklahoma needs the rain
I need you like a lighthouse on a coast
Like the Father and the Son need the Holy Ghost
I need you, oh, I need you”

– I Need You, by Tim McGraw


Today is all about Colleen and Daniel. And kenosis. But mostly about Colleen and Daniel. If their faces look familiar, it’s probably because you know them. Either because you’re a family member or a friend, or maybe because you saw their awesome engagement photos at Wormsloe Plantation Historic Site in Savannah last fall. And now I have to confess, this wedding has a special place in my heart for about a million reasons. If I go all full disclosure here, I probably should tell you that Colleen’s cousin is one of my closest friends since college, and that her dad’s family has been like a second family to me for more years that we want to talk about. But it’s much more than that. Colleen and Daniel are one of those really special couples who have The Thing. They’ve been together since grade school. Like sixth grade. They are meant to be together, no matter what obstacles are tossed in their path. And I’m pretty sure they’ve been thoroughly tested. Or at least, their wedding plans were thoroughly tested. How many people find out just a handful of months before their wedding that their venue has gone out of business? On the evening news. In fact, you may have seen Colleen on the evening news discussing their unexpected predicament. But, in the end, it was meant to happen. And they rallied, and they worked, and it all came together to be so much more than they expected. Because it was a magical day full of magical moments and wonderful people, who may or may not have done some things in front of my camera that they don’t want you to see. And on that note, I’m just gonna let you start scrolling… 🙂

Savannah Wedding Photography | Colleen and Daniel-5Savannah Wedding Photography | Colleen and Daniel



 Colleen and Daniel’s Creative Team

Venue – Camp Villa Marie
Wedding coordinator/ bar- Kelly Lowe
Bouquet and boutonnieres- Pink House Flowers
Flowers for center pieces – Carlsted’s
Center pieces made by my mom and aunts.
We hung the lights.
Officiant – Father Christopher Ortega
Liquor – Tommy Chu and Chu’s Liquor Store
Beer and wine- Habersham Beverage.
My veil was part of my first communion veil. My dress was bought from carries bridal store and my mom and Aunt Donna made the sleeves.
Tuxes – Men’s Wearhouse.
Dj- Pat Picone
Catering- Creative Catering
Hair and make up- Jenna Balcom

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