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“He knew from the moment he saw her, she knew from the moment he held her hand.”


Today I’d like to share some photos from Debi and Chris’ sunny and warm winter wedding at the iconic Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island just off the southern coast of Georgia. One of the best things about living in Georgia is that you never know what the weather is going to be like. Some people think it’s a little crazy, but when it works in your favor like it did for Debi and Chris last weekend, you just smile and love it. They planned their ceremony to happen just before sunset, making sure the tide would be headed out. Debi and Chris timed their arrival at the beach so that they would arrive at the same time and have their first look right away. And then, because they are amazing people, they let me drag them up and down the beach with an extraordinary level of patience as I chirped on and on like a geek about the amazing light (seriously, it was amaze balls that afternoon). That probably has something to do with Debi spending her days surrounded by kindergarteners, but it works for me. They were even game for climbing on one of the giant driftwood trees and patiently arranged themselves so that the light was just so. After their ceremony was over, everyone walked to the water’s edge to toss their wishing stones into the surf and enjoy the last few moments of a very colorful sunset. And then it was time for everyone to head to St. Simon’s Island for the reception, with dancing and toasting and cake cutting, and a really hilarious cell phone photo scavenger hunt. 





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