Hazlehurst Family Photos | Becky and Joey

Today I’m bringing you a very special blog post. That beautiful lady you see up there is my cousin Becky. And that handsome gentleman is her husband Joey. Becky is one of my favorite people in the whole world, which shouldn’t surprise you now that you know that she’s my cousin. It might be hard, but if you look close, you might see the family resemblance (although she got most of the good looks). What you’ll probably also be able to tell is that this girl is a total cut-up… don’t know where that comes from. Can being a smarty-pants be inherited genetically? All I know is that any time Becky and I hang out, I end up with ribs that ache from laughing. And a hangover. Well, half of that is true anyway. You pick the half.Hazlehurst Family Photos | Becky and Joey-1-4Hazlehurst Family Photos | Becky and Joey-1-2Hazlehurst Family Photos | Becky and Joey-1-2

Amanda Summerlin

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Amanda Summerlin

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