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Today, at long last, after like at least 9 days of waiting, all you Becky and Rick fans finally get to see their epic Bonneville Salt Flat engagement photos. Although, as it turns out, it was really more of a mushy mud flat. But hey, we did it and it rocked. And now I have an excuse to go buy a new pair of hiking boots. Win! So, as good as these photos are (and they’re pretty awesome, right?), the best part of the day was actually hanging out with Becky and Rick. If you know me and how much I love being behind the camera, that should give you pause. Whaaat? Something more fun than making photos? Yes! I spent hours in a car with two of the most deranged people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, and I am now officially Fans Of Becky And Rick. Like in a total creeper way. I might need to get a t-shirt printed. Does anyone know where to get badges?



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