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What is Love? by Susan Polis Schutz
Love is the strongest feeling known 
An all ­encompassing passion
An extreme strength
An overwhelming excitement
Love is trying not to hurt the other person
Trying not to change the other person
Trying not to dominate the other person
Trying not to deceive the other person
Love is understanding each other 
Listening to each other
Supporting each other
Having fun with each other.
Love is not an excuse to stop growing
Not an excuse to stop making yourself better
Not an excuse to lessen one’s goals
Not an excuse to take the other person for granted
Love is being completely honest with each other
Finding dreams to share
Working towards common goals
Sharing responsibilities equally
Everyone in the world wants to love
Love is not a feeling to be taken lightly
Love is a feeling to be cherished, nurtured and cared for 
Love is the reason for life


Today it’s all about Amanda and Josh, who were married on a beautiful spring afternoon at Amanda’s parents’ home in Monroe, Georgia. I’m calling this a backyard wedding because technically, it is. It’s just that most of us don’t have 20 acres of gorgeous rolling middle Georgia woodlands to call a backyard. And so on a sunny spring afternoon, Amanda and Josh and their closest family and friends gathered at her parents’ home to witness their beautiful and intimate wedding ceremony on a little island in a lake. Afterwards everyone made their way through the gardens to the patio, where they were joined by quite a few more friends and family to celebrate into the evening.


Amanda and Josh’s Creative Team

JL Designs Floral & Wedding Studio
Officiant – Rev. Sam
DJ – Atlanta Sound & Fury
Cake – It’s a Sweet life bakery
Catering – Hallie Jane’s Market Catering
Wedding Planner – OneTouch Events

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