Fernbank Museum Of Natural History Wedding Photos | Gemi and Dorin

“Don’t know where we’re going, but i know I saw in your eyes, my life growing, to unite with you” – Dancing With The Moon by Balkan Beat Box 

Today I’m thrilled to share some really epic wedding photos with you. Those beautiful smiling people you see in the photo up top are Gemi and Dorin, and they were married in Atlanta’s Fernbank Museum Of Natural History. You know, the place with all the dinosaurs. In addition to having a really epic wedding with dinosaurs, Gemi and Dorin also had a little magic present during their ceremony. As Gemi was walking down the aisle, at some point a butterfly landed on the back of her veil and rode all the way to the front of the aisle with her, and even hung around for a minute to catch the beginning of the ceremony. So look for the pretty little hitchhiker on the very top of Gemi’s head during the ceremony. Enjoy!

Gemi and Dorin’s Creative Team

The Fernbank Museum of Natural History – Venue
A Divine Event – Caterer
Karrie Brock Designs – Invitations
Carlos Unzueta – DJ (DJ FabuLOS)
Reverend Dawn Camancho – Officiant
Classy Car Limo – get away car

Amanda Summerlin

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Amanda Summerlin

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