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Today I want to tell you a story about some seriously adorable nerds. From the first moment I spoke to Mary and Jared on a suuuuper long Skype chat, I realized I’d found my people. There’s a certain thing that happens when nerds come together. Conversational tangents are explored. At length. With wild abandon. Obscure film and literary references are understood and laughed about. Links are shared. Tears of joy are shed. It’s hard being counterculture in a world full of Kardashian fans, so when you find your people, you rejoice. Which is why I was really thrilled that they asked me to photograph their wedding. Their very non-traditional, yet somehow pretty traditional wedding, was planned to be fun for everyone. The traditional part, and one of the best parts of the day, was that Mary’s father, Robert, was their officiant. It was wonderful to see how much joy he had as he led the ceremony.  The non-traditional part was most of the rest of the day. Mary and Jared also are pretty opposed to cheesy posed photos, so they basically encouraged me to be a free-range photographer and go all photojournalistic on their day, although they were wise enough to concede and make some family photos to preserve the family peace. Take a look at these photos and enjoy!


Mary and Jared’s Creative Team

Venue – Trinity
Dress – DigForVictory (etsy)
Officiant – Robert Alves
Cake – Alex and Brett’s in Morehead City, NC.

Amanda Summerlin

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Amanda Summerlin

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