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“You and I shouldn’t claim we love Oregon more than anyone else, but that we love Oregon as much as anyone. Our thoughts today, and our deliberations to come, must spring from our determination to keep Oregon lovable and to make it even more livable.”
– Tom McCall in his address to the 1973 Legislature

Today we travel to beautiful cloudy rainy Portland, Oregon to tell the story of Christine and Mike, who were married one overcast and slightly rainy afternoon at the World Forestry Center. Christine and Mike met five years ago while working at the Oregon state capitol. They kept running into each other at the capitol and at events. In time, they began to realize that something special was happening.


“You had a secret little smile, more than your regular smile, the whole entire you was happy.”-Mike


May 11, 2013 was supposed to be an ordinary day, just like any other Saturday. Christine had things to do, Mike had things to do, maybe we would catch up after a busy day over dinner. But then Christine’s lunch plans fell apart and Mike’s work event was going along swimmingly without him (suspicious, right?). Mike suggested we grab lunch together. He drove the car in a few circles, and finally parked. As we were about to cross the street at NW 21st and Flanders, Mike got down on one knee and proposed. He was aided by a small notecard with some carefully worded phrases, but mostly he went off-book in recalling this as the site of the first kiss and asking if Christine would be his wife. She said yes– much to the relief of Mike, the covert photographer snapping away across the street, and their friends gathering at the pub up the street.


Christine and Mike’s Creative Team

Venue: World Forestry Center
Caterer: Elephants Deli 
Hair: Kali Dill 
Ice cream: Ruby Jewel 

Amanda Summerlin

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