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Last night I got all feisty (actually, I just couldn’t sleep and I was bored and a bit cranky) and added a new question to our FUQs (Frequently Unasked Questions), because I think it’s something we should get out in the open, this conversation about unplugged weddings. It seems like the internet can’t get enough of unplugged weddings lately.

Also, if you haven’t read our FUQs yet, you’re missing some of my best bad jokes. It’s recommended reading. The voices in my head said so.




A: I think that if an unplugged wedding will make you happy, then that’s exactly what you should do. I completely understand why you would want your guests to put their gadgets down and engage in the moment. After all, I live with teenagers.

But if you’re thinking about having an unplugged wedding because you think I need you to, then I want you to reconsider. I know it’s pretty trendy right now for photographers to post images of people at weddings holding up cell phones and publicly shame them for daring to want to make a photo, but I’m not one of those photographers. I promise that your guests aren’t ruining anything if they make some photos on their phones, and I promise that I will never ever ever publicly shame your family and friends on the internet like so many photographers have done recently.

It’s true that sometimes people get excited and enthusiastic and want to make photos at weddings. Who can blame them? But I’ve never found myself in a situation that a simply stated polite request made quietly in the ear of the offender didn’t immediately solve. Personally, I really think most of the whinging you see on the internet about unplugged weddings is the result of the inability of wedding photographers to tactfully interact with wedding guests. And viral marketing. Obviously.

So, you know, have an unplugged wedding if it will make you happy. But don’t feel like you have to do it for me, because I’m a professional and I’ll make amazing photos for you either way.

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