Bedford New Hampshire Wedding Photos | Maria and Phill

“But you and I
I think we can take it
All the good with the bad
Make something that no one else has but
You and I”
-Jeff Tweedy

Today we travel to snowy New Hampshire for the wedding of Maria and Phill at St. Philip’s Greek Orthodox Church in Nashua, and then their celebration at the Bedford Village Inn in Bedford. Maria and Phill have known each other nearly ten years now, after being introduced to each other at Duke University.  After a fateful trip to a strawberry patch and a summer full of email messages back and forth, they officially began their relationship over a picnic at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens in the opening month of their final year in college. Phill said he knew Maria was the one for him “After spending time living apart in different states, I realized that I was much happier when I was able to spend the majority of my time with Maria. And I could not live without her.” Maria knew when “Very early on in our relationship, I had a personal crisis, and Phill dropped everything to be by my side. I knew then that he was special, and that what we had was special.” Together they make an entertaining and dynamic team who are always fun to be around. I know I’ve enjoyed getting to know them and giggling with them over a mutual love of Phill’s Greek dancing skills and quoting our favorite movie lines. It also should be noted that out of the hundreds of weddings I’ve had the fortune to attend, this wedding unquestionably had the most delicious food of all. I’ve never seen so much food anywhere before. If love can be measured by the quantity and quality of food, then this is definitely the place where the most love can be found. Congratulations Maria and Phill!

Maria and Phill’s Creative Team

Ceremony: St. Philip’s Greek Orthodox Church in Nashua, NH
Reception and Caterer: Bedford Village Inn
Make-up and Hair: Lara Christine Keefe
Flowers: Marie St. Onge, Paisley Floral Design Studio 
Cake: Jacques Fine European Pastries
DJ: Salonica Boys

Amanda Summerlin

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Amanda Summerlin

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