Royalton Mansion Wedding Photos | Roslyn Heights, NY | Cara and Michael

Today I’d like to tell you a story about Cara and Michael, who were married on a wintry New York afternoon at St. Raphael Roman Catholic Church in East Meadow, New York and then celebrated their wedding with dancing and toasting and general merriment at The Royalton Mansion in Roslyn Heights, New York. Cara and Michael met about eight years ago at the University of Notre Dame. They’ve been through a lot together and grown together in that time. In fact, a certain someone described  Mike as “quirky”, and said that Cara is more laid back now. After a while, they came to realize that they made each other complete, and so in a special secret spot in Chicago overlooking Lake Michigan, Mike asked Cara to marry him and be with him forever, and she agreed that would be a good idea. And so that’s how we all came together to celebrate them with laughter and love. Congratulations Cara and Michael! May you have many more years of quirks and mellowness.


Cara and Michael’s Creative Team

Reception Venue: Royalton Mansion 
Live Music: East Coast Band 
Makeup: Prisha Szachaz
Hair: Christina Martin
Flowers: Dees Nursery & Florist 
Flowers: Colonial Flower Shop– 
Transportation: Brownin Transportation

Amanda Summerlin

Artist and Explorer at Amanda Summerlin Photography
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Amanda Summerlin

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