Inn At Eastwind Wedding | Wading River NY | Colleen and Greg

“When we first met we had one of those love at first sight moments that I didn’t believe existed until I met Greg. I’ve always been adverse to what I considered “cheesy romantic hollywood nonsense” but honestly when we met I felt like we saw each other’s souls and found a home. Later, we discovered we had a lot in common and similar value and goals in life. We became best friends. For the first time in my life the idea of forever didn’t make me have a panic attack.”  -Colleen

Today I want to tell you the story of Colleen and Greg’s perfect wedding on a sunny Saturday afternoon at the St. James RC Church in Setauket, New York, with an elegant evening reception at the Inn At Eastwind in Wading River, New York. Colleen and Greg had previously stolen my heart when we met to make their engagement photos in Setauket last spring. If I’m being completely honest, they had me at, “Do you want to go get some Scotch after we’re done?”, but spending the afternoon with them that day also let me see what an amazing bond they have and the incredible tenderness that flows between them. So naturally I was excited to see them again. And of course, on their wedding day, they were even more magical to be around. Just take a look at these photos.


Colleen and Greg’s Creative Team

Church: St. James RC Church Officiants:  Fr. John Fitzgerald (Father Fitz) & Fr. Robert Smith (Father Bob) Reception Venue and Hotel: East Wind 
Hair and Makeup: Erica Does Makeup
Vintage Limo: Sir Oliver Limo
Live Band: Skyline 
Flowers: Flowers on Broadway 

Amanda Summerlin

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Amanda Summerlin

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