Atlanta Centennial Park Engagement Photos | Sabrina and Thomas


Today I want to introduce you to Sabrina and Thomas, who are seriously the coolest people you can possibly spend an afternoon with. Anytime a couple asks me if they can bring their dogs to their engagement session and also plan to stop and have a beer as part of the session, I fall head over heels in love with them on the spot. It’s like finding long lost family members. And spending the afternoon with Sabrina and Tom was a blast. In fact, I’m pretty sure I nearly starved them to death because I just kept shooting and every time I’d swear it was the last photo. No really, this is the last one. OH, wait, look at that spot over there! We gotta get that shot! To their credit, they were good sports and because nobody cried or hit me, we have all these awesome photos of their gorgeous selves to enjoy. Sorry about the silhouette overload, but dat sky. 

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