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Today I’d like to introduce you to Leah and Darius. They’re engaged to be married and their wedding will be this spring. After some discussion of all the cool options for engagement photos in Atlanta, we decided on Piedmont Park engagement photos because the fall colors are so gorgeous right now. So we met up on a quiet Thursday afternoon and explored the park on one of the prettiest afternoons I’ve seen there in a long time. Hanging out with Leah and Darius was really fun and mellow, especially after they realized that the camera wasn’t going to bite them. It wasn’t long before they were free styling like professional models. Honestly, I’m thinking that if those day jobs don’t work out, they’ve got a solid back up plan now. They camera loves them both like rock stars.piedmont-park-engagement-photos-leah-and-darius-1piedmont-park-engagement-photos-leah-and-darius-2piedmont-park-engagement-photos-leah-and-darius-3piedmont-park-engagement-photos-leah-and-darius-6piedmont-park-engagement-photos-leah-and-darius-4piedmont-park-engagement-photos-leah-and-darius-5piedmont-park-engagement-photos-leah-and-darius-7piedmont-park-engagement-photos-leah-and-darius-8piedmont-park-engagement-photos-leah-and-darius-9piedmont-park-engagement-photos-leah-and-darius-10piedmont-park-engagement-photos-leah-and-darius-11piedmont-park-engagement-photos-leah-and-darius-12piedmont-park-engagement-photos-leah-and-darius-1-2piedmont-park-engagement-photos-leah-and-darius-14piedmont-park-engagement-photos-leah-and-darius-15piedmont-park-engagement-photos-leah-and-darius-16piedmont-park-engagement-photos-leah-and-darius-17piedmont-park-engagement-photos-leah-and-darius-18piedmont-park-engagement-photos-leah-and-darius-19

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