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Today I want to show you some photos of one of my favorite families in the world. A few years ago, Moriah and Kevin took a chance on me with their wedding in New Orleans, and at that wedding, I fell completely in love with them and every member of their families. I’ve been stalking them ever since. Fortunately for me, they’re really loving and patient people. Not that long ago, when I landed in Southern California for a wedding, Moriah and the girls made some family photos in Joshua Tree National Park. But because of our schedules, Kevin and I missed each other by one day. Now that they’ve moved back to the east coast and are only a short drive away, we decided to make it up. For this family session, we decided to do things a little differently. One of the things I’ve learned over the years is that for most people, while they love the posed photos, their favorites are usually the ones where people are caught off guard in a candid moment doing something that is unique to them. A glance. A quiet moment. A funny little dance. Wearing your Snow White costume to breakfast. Those are the moments that let you see the real person that you love. And that’s why we chose to make photos of Moriah and Kevin and Kaia and Cori having a typical quiet weekend morning at home, just making breakfast, doing hair, and watching a Disney movie together on the couch. Because these are the moments that you really want to remember forever. Of course

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