City Club Of Baton Rouge Wedding | Bonnie and Taylor

Today I want to tell you the story of how Bonnie married Taylor in an elegant wedding ceremony at the historic City Club of Baton Rouge in Louisiana on a blustery almost-spring afternoon. Bonnie and Taylor have been a couple for six years now, having met in the first semester of college, although not actually spending any time together until their third year. The thing you notice when you spend a little time with Bonnie and Taylor is that they have a lot of fun together. They laugh and joke and genuinely enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed way that makes them truly fun to be around. 

When I asked them how they got engaged, Bonnie said, “Prepare for a novel, because I still find the details of the whole deal pretty entertaining. We had talked about the prospect of marriage and getting engaged to make sure we were on the same page, what with living together and looking at a home purchase and all that, but I didn’t expect to get formally engaged for another few years. I’d been looking at rings because I had no concept of what I wanted, what it would cost, or any of that, really, and brought Taylor along at one point to look, too, in case he had any feelings about styles. Then I found one on Etsy and kept pushing him to get it because it was super affordable and, being vintage, one of a kind – and thus likely to sell out. I didn’t expect him to propose any time soon, but I applied the same mentality I have about other shopping to this purchase: If you wait until you need it instead of catching it on sale, you’ll miss out! But he pushed back, kept telling me it was irresponsible to buy the ring, which I thought was absurd based on our finances… but turned out to be true because that goober already had bought one and “getting two rings WOULD have been financially irresponsible!” Ha, ha. Very clever.

So then it comes time for him to pick a place and time. He briefly considered going back up to our alma mater for a football game, but that risked proposing after a loss (and receiving an emotional “no, go away”). Then we got invited to return to the campus for a department event, and he thought, perfect! Except for one small detail. It was a union contract renewal year at the refinery, and I got assigned to thorough training in case of a strike. He sat there patient but anxious as the date approached, hearing multiple times that I’d let him know if I could go to Auburn as soon as they’d let me know. That if he had to go without me it wasn’t the end of the world. Whoops. 

Fortunately, I was cleared for the trip. He suggested I wear a dress for when we went out on Wednesday, and I laughed at him because I didn’t wear dresses in college and wasn’t doing it now. When my gel manicure chipped, he suggested I just peel them all off, but no. I was going to be an adult that time and wait. He basically gave me every indication he was going to propose and it flew right over my head. So, as we left the gorgeous chemical engineering building on a beautiful sunny afternoon, and he got on one knee, and miraculously no students wandered out of the doors, I was completely taken by surprise. Enough so that he had to ask if I’d please answer because his knee hurt. Obviously, I said yes.”

Bonnie and Taylor’s Creative Team

Venue: City Club of Baton Rouge
Hair/Makeup: Artistry by Delilah
Bride’s Hair: Erika Mackey
Invitation Suite: Paper Dainty
Officiant: Donna Gail

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