Cobb County Engagement Photos | Shakyla and Jasmyn

Today it’s all about Shakyla and Jasmyn, who are probably the most fun couple to hang out with ever. These two have an inner glow that lights up any room they are in, and half of all of outside too. Which is interesting, because as the story goes, they started off a little bit rocky. But love knows what love wants, and Jasmyn and Shakyla are destined to be together. Being around them, you get a sense that they not only are completely smitten with each other, but they might have forgotten anyone else is there. And the laughing. There’s so much laughing. Even if they don’t know I’m there, I really just want to be near them to soak up as much of that contagious happiness as I can. But in a totally not creepy way. You think that sounds weird now, but after you’ve looked at the photos, you’ll know what I mean. Enjoy.

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