Joshua Tree National Park Wedding | Erin and Alex

Today I want to tell you the story of Erin and Alex’s love and laughter filled nontraditional Joshua Tree National Park wedding. The story actually starts a few years ago, in the pre-Alex times, when through the magic of the internet Erin came across some of my travel photos and sent me an email telling me that if ever found my way to Oregon, she would love to make some cool family photos with her and her daughter and son. We exchanged a few emails trying to work it out over the years, but all the things happened and we just couldn’t get it together. But we still kept chatting. Then along came Alex, and from across an entire continent, through all the tubes and wires, it was easy to see that something major had happened. And in a little while, the photo shoot went from being a photo shoot to being a wedding. And because Erin and Alex do things in a magical way, it became a wedding adventure to one of the most beautiful places on the west coast, Joshua Tree National Park, the home of the quirky Dr. Seuss trees. The universe, or Mother Nature, or whoever, seems to be in agreement about Erin and Alex’s magic, because we arrived in the desert on the final days of the super bloom and were met with the wonder of the desert in bloom. With the arrival of Erin and Alex’s favorite people, everything became perfect. There were campfires, and rocks, and stars, and laughter, and tears, and delicious food. It was a perfect wedding weekend. Congratulations Erin and Alex. You are perfect together.

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