East Atlanta Village Senior Photos | Sierra

Today I’d like to introduce you to Sierra, who is graduating high school next year. Sierra is a blast to hang out with, and we had a great time exploring East Atlanta Village’s murals and then wandering Midtown for a bit. Of the many interesting things I learned about Sierra, the one thing that stands out most of all is her deep and genuine love for all things edible at Chik-fil-a. Never has it been so easy on a photo shoot to coerce a subject into expressing true happiness and joy. And lest you think Sierra is a one-dimensional diner, she also adores tacos. She’s also one of those nerdy kids who gets good grades and studies, but none of that was nearly as interesting to me as tacos and her awesome willingness to do any crazy thing I asked in front of my camera, so whoops. Congratulations Sierra! And thanks for being so much fun to play with. You rock!

Amanda Summerlin

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Amanda Summerlin

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