Houston Mill House Wedding Photos | Jasmyn and Shakyla

“In a perfect world.. we’d be like this forever”

Today I want to tell you all about Jasmyn and Shakyla’s gorgeous outdoor fall wedding at Atlanta’s historic Houston Mill House. It’s a wedding I’ve been waiting to be a part of with more than a little bit of excitement. You see, back when we made their engagement photos at the Botanical Gardens, I decided that these two were the most adorable couple of all time. They are beautiful and hilarious, and the way they look at each other with eyes full of happiness makes everyone near them feel all warm and fuzzy. Spending an afternoon with them is a recipe for sore ribs too, because you’ll laugh until you hurt the whole time. They balance each other in a very natural and comfortable way, like they’ve know each other for a lot longer than the 4.5 years they’ve been together. Shakyla even told me that she knew Jasmyn was meant for her one day when she was helping Jazz get ready for a trip and instead of getting mad that Jasmyn was unprepared, she was upset at herself for not doing the prep for her. Because y’all, Shakyla is organized. Like, really organized (which I seriously admire in a person, btw). And Jasmyn is too, I’m sure. But I knew what Shakyla meant, because how can you not forgive Jasmyn for just about anything when she’s so adorable all the time? To see what I mean, just scroll down and take a look at their faces when they see each other for the first time down the aisle at their ceremony. It’s just beautiful. Everyone should have someone who loves them as much as these two love each other. Congratulations Shakyla and Jasmyn. And thank you for sharing your story with me. 

Jasmyn and Shakyla’s Creative Team

Wedding Planner- Flower Child Weddings
Videographer- Laura Asherman
Florist- Kelly Hillis
Hair and Makeup- Julia Thaiese 
DJ- DJ Qwest
Cake- Cakes by La’Meeka
Officiant- Melinda Guess

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