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Today I am super excited to share these family photos from my recent visit with one of my favorite couples ever, Erin and Jen, and the newest member of their family, the adorable and charming Isabella. One of the most wonderful perks of being a wedding photographer is getting to make family photos for a couple whose wedding you photographed. Photographing a wedding is being witness to and documenting the forming of a new family, which is great for a storyteller like me, and so being asked to come back and make family photos is a dream come true because it’s a chance to continue telling their story. And for Erin and Jen, many things have changed. In addition to adding a whole human to their family, they’ve moved out of the city and bought a gorgeous home with the perfect yard for a swing set. So we hung out in their back yard, and took a walk down their block to admire the holiday decorations (y’all, their neighbors are all in for spooky decorations!). After a quick snack break, we were on our way to a nearby park for sunset, where Isabella practiced her running and jumping and snacking skills. Take a look at these photos and see if you agree with me that she’s completely wrapped her moms’ hearts around her round little pinky.

Amanda Summerlin

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Amanda Summerlin

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