Winter Wedding In Douglasville | Frances and Rebecca

Today I want to tell you about Frances and Rebecca’s intimate rainy winter wedding. Rain is usually the last thing anyone wants on their wedding day. Rain makes things complicated. It’s messy. It’s kinda wet. But between you and me, I love making photos in the rain. Rain is magic. Rain makes things reflective and it makes colors richer. And if you have amazing clients with a sense of adventure who trust you and are willing to go outside after dark in the rain, you get fantastic photos like the portraits Frances and Rebecca made with me on their wedding day. But that’s not their whole story. The most important thing you should know about Frances and Rebecca is that they were meant for each other and that they are sublime perfection together. Separately, they are both quite amazing, but together they are perfection. You can see it in the way they look at each other, speak to each other, and especially in the moments when there are no words. They make each other laugh endlessly, and they’ll keep you laughing too. They’re a team, and they lift each other up. Which is why they decided to have a wedding that was about what was most important to them, and no more. They got ready at home together with their daughter, Adeline, and just a couple of family members to help. Surrounded by their closest family and friends, with another close friend to officiate, they said their vows to each other with tears in their eyes. And afterwards, there was amazing food, a hilarious shoe game, and possibly the best wedding toasts ever with a surprise reveal of a well kept secret that had everyone in stitches. A perfect day for a perfect couple. Congratulations Frances and Rebecca! 

Frances and Rebecca’s Creative Team

Gabe’s Downtown Louisiana Bistro  

Three Little Birds Weddings

Floral Creations 

Jena Lanham, Charmaine’s 

Atlantic Limo      

Wedding Suite by Shutterfly  

David’s Bridal   

Men’s Warehouse

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