Stone Mountain Engagement Photos | Jennifer and Tiffany

Today I’d like to introduce you to Jennifer and Tiffany, who are getting married next spring. Because they’re overachievers, they accomplished something during their engagement session that most folks cannot. They made me say, ‘Well, that’s never happened before.’ Here’s the story. Tiffany and Jennifer have three dogs that they wanted to make family photos with as part of their session. You know that’s my favorite thing for anyone to ask. When I arrived at their house, they introduced me to Sampson, who they described as their best behaved dog. That’s foreshadowing, folks. After making some photos inside, it was time to go outside and make a proper family photo. Jennifer and Tiffany put a blanket on the ground and then brought out a very excited Sampson. It took a couple of tries to get him to sit, but he wouldn’t look at the camera, so I did what any experienced pet photographer would do, I made a crazy sound and yelled his name. That got his attention, and he was off like a rocket. All 90 pounds of him. He ran across the yard at full speed and then turned in my direction. Without pausing to think, I stepped in front of him to try to catch him. And that’s when it happened. Sampson went right through me like water through a screen door on a submarine. I doubt he even knew I was there. Ninety pounds of dog hurling through space will literally knock your feet from beneath you. It’s a shame there’s no video, because it must have been hilarious. You’d have to show it in slow motion, because I had just enough time to think ‘ruh-roh’ before my face hit the ground. I did manage to catch the horrified look on Tiffany’s face just before I face planted, and I also wish there was slow motion footage of that too. It was awesome. And so, there you have it, how they managed to show me that there’s always an opportunity for something new to happen during a photo shoot. As a reward for their accomplishment, we were gifted with a glorious ten minutes of perfect golden light for our Stone Mountain sunset hike. So when you’re done giggling, check out how adorable these two are, and at the end of the post is a little present. 

Amanda Summerlin

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Amanda Summerlin

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