Champaign Art Theater and Orpheum Museum Wedding | Kendall and Thomas

Today I want to tell you the story of Kendall and Thomas’ wedding day. Sometimes you meet people and after you spend a little time getting to know them, you realize they are the nicest people in the whole world. That’s exactly what happened when I finally met Kendall and Thomas in person. At first impression, you might think they are very different. They’re both creative, but one of them is a quiet (and maybe a little shy) visual artist and the other is outgoing and loves the theater (I’ll let you look through the photos and guess who is which… haha). However, after you spend some time with them and see how they are together, you realize they are both incredibly kind and generous. And you can see that reflected in the family and friends who surround and support them, because the people who love them are a mixture of other incredibly kind people and people who are the self appointed ferocious protectors of them. And so I found myself in Champaign, Illinois making photos with these beautiful men and meeting their families and friends and coming to admire all of them. It didn’t hurt that we share a love of all things artistic, and that there might have been some Buffy references at their reception, and that Kendall’s grandpa might be Superman. Congratulations Kendall and Thomas, you are amazing together!


Kendall and Thomas’ Creative Team

Officiant – Rev. Dr. Charles H. Chandler (Kendall’s grandfather)

Wedding party dresses – David’s Bridal

Kendall and Chris suits – Men’s Warehouse

Dinner – Piato Catering

Cake – Melissa Staples

Hair – H2O Salon

Pianist – Dr. Chung-Ha Kim

Invitations – LetterBox Ink 

DJ/Up Lighting – Crash Event

“Florist” – Niccole Powers

Hanbok maker –

Amanda Summerlin

Artist and Explorer at Amanda Summerlin Photography
Hello. My name is Amanda. I make neat pictures of nice people, drink coffee and whiskey (sometimes at the same time), and travel. I love traveling so much, I won't charge you any travel fees to photograph your wedding. Check out my travel info page for all the details. And see my blog for all the cool photos.
Amanda Summerlin

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