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Today I want to tell you the story of Shannen and Scott and their gorgeous wedding at the Sacred Oaks at Camp Lucy just outside Austin, Texas. Shannen and Scott met three years ago “in the middle of a busy pediatric Emergency Room in Dallas where I worked and he was rotating for his residency. I remember the first time I saw him and being like “holy %@!# who is this guy??” He ended up finding me on Facebook that night (thank you social media) and while we didn’t initially date (it wasn’t our time yet), we would keep in touch and see each other every now and again.” It would be about a year before their first date. While Shannen knew there was something special about Scott from the moment she met him, it didn’t take long after they started dating to figure out that he was the perfect match for her. “… the moment I actually knew he would be the guy I married was whenever I went over to see him one night when we had first started dating. I forgot I had on R2D2 socks and once I took my shoes off, I realized then he was about to meet the nerdier side of me. His response? He ran to his bedroom and came out in his matching BB8 socks lol. So, in that moment of Star Wars sock glory, I knew I had met my match.”  Never underestimate the power of Star Wars, y’all.

Also, one of the really neat things about my job these days is that I’ve been lucky enough in the last couple of years to see a lot of familiar faces at several weddings. Just about four years ago, I photographed Shannen’s brother Dave’s wedding, and I had the chance to catch up with Michelle and Dave a little bit and meet the newest member of their family. Stay posted for some super sweet family photos coming up soon.

But for now, congratulations to Shannen and Scott! 

Shannen and Scott’s Creative Team

Kim Hunt/Wedding Planner 

Whim Floral 

Whim Catering/Rachel 

ATX DJ/Sean  

Terra Vista Strings  

New Road Productions  

Live Oak Photo Booth  

Bee Lavish 

Sweet Treets 

I Do Ceremonies/Stephen  

Lola Beauty  

Transportation Consultants 

Camp Lucy Lawn Games

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